Descendant Histories

Below are the descendant histories submitted by family members (see below).

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[message type=”info”]We are calling for written descendant histories. If the response is good, we will endeavor to collate the histories into a book and have it published so that future generations will be able to read the histories of their ancestors in Australia since 1842..[/message]

Information for Descendants

George & Lydia had 2 surviving sons George Henry (married Eliza Valkema) and Hero Clare (married Rosina Boylan). These 2 couples had 10 surviving children each, who were your grandparents or great grandparents, depending on your generation, so there will be 22 Family Histories.

We ask that you treat this request with a matter of urgency, because as we lose the elders of our family, we lose the historical information that they have gathered during their lifetime.

Some ideas for subject headings to start your research,

1) Start with the oldest history, ie: your grandparents and/or great grandparents, what you remember about them, when/where were they born, where they went to school, when/where married, what work did they do, where they lived, what recreation did they enjoy, their achievements, did they have any special skills or talents, what special times you spent with them. Try to put it all in chronological order.

2) Then more recent history, ie: your parents, what you remember about them, use the above as a guide.

3) Then the most recent history, ie: you and your life so far and again use the points in item 1) as a guide.

Feel free to add whatever headings/topics you wish and we ask that you gather as much information as you can, it is better to have more than not enough, we will not put a limit on the amount of information that you can supply. Supply as much information on current generations as you feel comfortable with as we will also use this to update the Family Tree. We will not publish dates or personal information for living family members, due to privacy reasons. We also encourage you to supplement your documented histories with photos, the older the photos the better, ie: great grandparents, grandparents, parents & places of interest to them, ie: schools, homes, business, trophies, medals, etc.

Please scan photos as follows, for black & white photos, ensure your scanner is set to B&W and 200dpi. For colour photos ensure your scanner is set to Colour and 300dpi.

E-mail your photos to Mario Jaspers c/o:

Post all Family Histories & Photos to Mario Jaspers c/o: 4 Fourth Ave Seaton S.A 5023